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TARDIS RPG - A Spanish Multifandom/DR RPG

Hello guys! I'm new to the comm and I'd like to invite all the Spanish-speaking people here to a RPG we're organizing. The beta version was tested some months ago at IJ, so you can take a look there, but we're moving to Dreamwidth because let's be honest: IJ is pretty much dead and this place is way better anyway.

It's a no-pressure place with space for both serious and crack plots. Let me copypaste the banner! (I swear it looks prettier at IJ, IDK what's the deal with html at DW).



Un RPG Multifandom en Español

Meme de Permisos
Friend Add/Remove
Buzón de Sugerencias
Abandono de Personajes
“Hace tantos milenios atrás que no vale la pena intentar discernir cuántos, una Time Lady sabia y precavida al punto de la paranoia hizo crecer una TARDIS de proporciones inconmesurables; para que, en caso de emergencia, sirviese como la nave salvavidas que preservaría la población de Gallifrey.

Por circunstancias ajenas a nuestro conocimiento, esa TARDIS vaga hoy por las distintas dimensiones buscando un pasajero que pueda sustituír a su Time Lady ya muerta.

No te das cuenta del momento en que entraste, pero ese brazalete que los robots de la nave acaban de ponerte significa que te aguarda una larga temporada de aventuras. No te queda otra que ponerte cómodo. Así que, ¿bienvenido?”

For more details on the premise, please click on the "Premise" link at the banner! :DDDD

The mirrored comms at DW are [community profile] tardis_rpg and [community profile] tardis_ooc, but they're still a little bit empty (not for long!). We're guessing a starting date on April 1st, or maybe April 5th, depending on how many people we get to play with us.

Even if you don't get interested in the game itself, you'd be doing us a big one if you spread the word <333 On the lack of a better Social Networking platform, we're currently communicating by Facebook. Tell people to message me at "Lynx Bahamondes" there, and I'll be more than happy to explain everything and give new players the complete walkthrough.

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